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Growing up in western Michigan I was surrounded by the outdoors and wonderful scenery. The night sky fills with stars especially heading into the fall months so sitting back in front of the bonfire looking up at them was always so visually … relaxing. Graduating high school in 2005 I spent two years figuring things out at the local community college while I worked at both a coffee shop and a greenhouse, along with various odd jobs. I desired something… but I wasn’t sure what at the time. Fate decided to lead me to Savannah, Georgia on a family vacation. It was there that I learned about this school, The Savannah College of Art & Design (SCAD). The appeal of both the warmer climate and historic city with hundred-some year old live oak trees covered in moss made an impression. A few years later I was graduating with a Bachelor in Fine Arts with my parents watching me. After a brief couple of months figuring out what I wanted to do I ended up in Houston, Texas shooting real estate as a freelancer…more than five years later after accumulating just over 200 repeat clients the decision came to move back to my home stomping grounds….sometimes you just realize there is more to life than sitting in traffic.

It is here that the Prickly Porcupine has been born, focused on the Michigan scenery as well as other various wilderness trips with photo documentation providing a unique point of view…as well as some of the “standard views”. Although the landscapes are the focus the Prickly Porcupine has a full feature set of real estate, architecture, and some portrait work. If you want it shot more than likely the equipment and technical capability are there.

Hope you too can be poked by the prickly porcupine!



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