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  • photograph of interior design common area
  • photograph of interior design stairway railing
  • Photograph of exterior front home
  • Photograph of Backyard landscaping.
  • photograph of French style backyard
  • Front exterior of a house photograph
  • Photograph of Backyard pool with waterfall and fireplace.
  • photograph of exterior home Backyard with a pool
  • Entrance photograph of apartments at twilight

The number of photos that you will receive corresponds with the size of the house or how many rooms are available to shoot. If it’s a one bedroom condo we will be pushing it for the amount that goes on the MLS, most homes however will be in the 40-50 photo range. You receive pretty much all of the photos we take so you can choose which you would like for your listing.


$140 – houses under 4000sqft (that is 0 – 3999)

$180 – houses over 4000sqft (that is 4000+)

$ – Certain houses including interior design properties as well as those houses that are particularly unique pricing may be adjusted appropriately.

$85  – Separate Night photography (If I have to come back to the house a second time)

$1 every mile after our 40 mile range

*Mileage note –  projects 81+ miles from home base please email.

HOME BASE – West Michigan – (Montague)

$85 – Tripod based video (West Michigan only)

For Time-lapse video please email for details. (West Michigan only | example below)

Virtual Tours – $30 (example below)

Day to night photo edits – $10/photo (cloudy day photos work the best)


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